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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Good News!

Salam, hi ladies!

Remember my last entry bout having a new born in our house? Yup, my sis gave birth earlier than we thought. Parents are away in Korea and have to stay there longer than they should. So, imagine la my Umi menggelupur mcm mana kan, cucu sulung la katakan. Hari-hari mms and 3G (thanks to technologies!) sambil sedih-sedih sbb tak sempat nk sambut cucu. huuu~

My sis gave birth in KL and now, she and her baby are in Kuantan. Come and visit my new nephew!

And another good news is, before I went to KL to look after my sis, me and hubby went to pharmacy and bought pregnancy stick. Alhamdulillah, the result was positive. It means Me and My Sis are pregnant together! (one day only sbb besoknye dia dah bersalin. hehehe)

Alhamdulillah. Double joy! Double happiness! :) Yahooooo

p/s: I'm struggling with morning sickness lately, orders have to be a bit delayed. Sedey.. :(

Sunday, March 13, 2011


If you read my other blog, you'll know that I have to take care of my cousin brother for two weeks. Gotta send him to school then fetch him, take him for lunch, send to school again, and fetch him again. At night, masak then teach him to finish his homework pulak. wah, very chaotic! sempat berFB only pastu ngantuk, tido trus.

And sadly, within that 2 weeks, I didn't even touch any of my sewing stuff. Ayark! Tak sempat sangat2. Haihhh... itu hari luka, now bz plak.

Now that his parents are back from umrah, and I'll be on leave for 2 weeks as my boss has gone for a holiday,(yahoooo....!!!!!) I can finish all pending orders! And maybe I can sew ready made stuff. psst... I'm in love with embroidered felt pulak. cantik gile, but have to kemas kan jahitan and learn and learn and learn!

Kepada sesiapa yg dah order, maap sgt ye lambat. saya akan cuba buat yg terbaik utk korang. Karang buat kalut-kalut tak cantik pulak kan.

Annddddd, the best part is, Insyaallah the first grandchild of Ghazali's family will be born this coming 1st April! Oh, I have to make something special for my sister's baby boy a.k.a my nephew!!!!! hmmm.... any ideas?

ok, that's all for now, till then ya. Nak menjahit plak.

Adios. XOXO!

My colourful felt stock :)