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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Salam, sy cedera ibu jari kanan iaitu tgn dominan sy. Luka agak dlm sebab semalam masa buka tin utk memasak sy careless dan prapppp... aduhhhh. menitik2 darah. huhuhu...

Tempahan jahitan terpaksa delay 2-3 hari sampai jari betul2 sembuh. Now still rasa sengal-sengal jari lg. huhu. harap maklum. Kesulitan amat dikesali. huhu


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coin purse

Emma Memma ordered a coin purse as 'epi ayu' gift to her niece, Ain. She wanted it to be in PINK. Yeah, every girl loves pink nowadays. So I decided to combine dark and soft pink. This is it. :)

For Ain

Happy birthday sweetie.. there's some candy for ya :p

Got flowery inner

A little pinky heart for the sweet girl

P/s: Little Ain refers to 'epi ayu' as Happy birthday to you. hihi. so chomel

Friday, February 11, 2011

Cupcakes Fever!

Yan from KIPSAS ordered a felt fridge magnet with 'Yan's kitchen' as the wording and cupcakes as the theme. She also wanted me to make a pocket on it. Buat lah few research and perah otak and finally I came out with this.

Yan's kitchen. Lepas ni semangat Yan memasak. :)

Cupcakes. mmm, manisnya

Colourful beads.

This is the pocket. You can slip in new recipe. Kalau tgh tgk tv, tiba2 ada cerita masak2, bleh salin and slip it in this pocket. Nanti nak masak, bleh refer semula kan kan...

I cut a muffin / cookie jar shape as the background. It gives you the 'kitchen mood' jugak kan. hihi. Btw, the red heart shape at the top of the jar's opener is a magnet. Sweet kan. :)

This felt fridge magnet is a perfect gift to your mom, wife, gf or any women. They'll love it!

Handphone charm

This is an order from my cuzzie, Wani. She was so overwhelmed when she got this. This cute little hand-phone strip is attached to her IPhone. :)

TQ Wani. Nanti order lg k.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The wedding

My best friend Aing, got married to her fiance Lukman (happens to be my good friend also) last week on CNY.

She ordered 100 pcs heart shape keyrings with their initials on it to give to their close friends on their big day. Me and my mum really bertungkus lumus to finish the project on time and deliver them to Aing's hometown. Tiap-tiap hari tekap, gunting, jahit initials dan butang, lekat, isi fibre dan riben. I ni pulak jenis 'rajin', sometimes kalau takde mood or terlalu penat trus tak menjahit. huhu. Alhamdulillah, siap jugak dan selamat sampai akhirnya 100 biji itu.

Saiz lebih kurang 5 cm.

Colourful heart shapes! Ceriakan, sama seperti Aing dan Lukman.

May your marriage be filled with love, all the time...

Yg ni dah siap isi mini jumper kat riben.

Ini pula apabila dibungkus utk diberi kepada tetamu.

Warna beg jerut comel boleh pilih. Utk Aing, I pilih putih supaya terserlah warna-warna isi dlm nya.

Ready to go!

Kebiasaannya, I jual sebiji RM 5, with mini buttons or brad with initials. But if you order more than 100pcs, I can give special price RM 3 each. Kalau nak tambah beg jerut comel ikut wedding theme harga jadi RM 3.50 each.

Sebagai hadiah perkahwinan pula, Mr Hubby and I gave this to the loving couple.

A wedding theme album!

Want something like this? Ask me how.

I got the idea of wrapping an album with red felt cloth and put cute stuff on it after Aing gave me a very helpful craft book. In order to return her kindness and love, I made one of the craft ideas and gave her this. Why red? Because I hope they'll have wonderful feeling everytime they see it. Merah menyala dan membara, just like their love toward each other. chewah!

Hopefully Aing and Lukman will use it to keep all their loving and everlasting wedding memories inside this album. hihihi.

I love you guys a lot! Tapi utk Aing lebih sket, Lukman jgn jeles tau. May both of you have a wonderful marriage life. Muah!!!!

P/s: If you want to order something like Aing did, pls inform me 2 months earlier so that I can finish the project on time.

P/s: Tgk org kawen rasa nak kawen lagi sekali. hihihi